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The following information relates to cookies (so-called “cookies”) and relates to the website at: www.belmontzakopane.com.

What are cookies?

These are text files consisting of a series of numbers and letters that are sent by the website to the end device (computer, tablet, smartphone) where the Internet user browses its resources (websites). Cookies contain various information, also necessary for the proper functioning of websites (e.g. for authorization, when logging in to an e-mail account or to a website). Cookies also allow pages to load faster, because they remember some of the data, so that the next visit to the page does not require you to download all the page data from scratch.

What does www.belmontzakopane.com use “cookies” for?

We use information saved using cookies only for statistical purposes and to adapt the website to the individual needs of users and to ensure the fastest possible functioning of the website. We do not collect or process any information that allows the identification of sensitive personal data.

You can disable cookies at any time by changing your browser settings. To learn how to modify cookie settings in your browser, visit the browser’s publisher’s website. Disabling or blocking cookies may cause our website to malfunction. If your browser accepts cookies, you consent to the use of cookies by our website.